Loch Lomond trail

Ah, good ole Loch Lomond.  I really enjoyed visiting this place outside of Glasgow, Scotland - and hiking around it.  It has a mystical quality about it.  It could be that it was the dead of winter and there was no one around for miles...but humor me.  It felt mystical at the time.  It was cool, foggy and quiet and I half expected Nessie to rear up from the depths and wave at me.  But...that's a different Loch now, isn't it? 

In my travels, I tend to be in cities - and often without a car - so a lot of my travel shots are from various cities and tend to be streets, architecture, etc (which I don't mind - in fact I quite like that).  But I do love to get out in nature and shoot some landscapes too - in fact it's my first love (photographically speaking).  So when I get a chance to run amok in the Scottish countryside with my Nikon - let's just say it makes me happy. 

And a hearty THANK YOU to those of you who visited, commented, etc on my shot yesterday - I really appreciate that.  My travels this week are really limiting my online time, so I will be returning the favor when I can.  Hope everyone is having a great week!