An iPhone walk in downtown Austin, part 2

I have so many shots from my recent iPhone photo walk that I did downtown, so I am breaking them up into multiple posts so as not to throw too many out at one time. 5 photos on each iPhone post feels like the right number, so I'm sticking with that for now.

Everybody likes Johnny Cash, right?

Now THAT's a lot of stickers!!

Despite Austin's massive growth, we still hang onto our connection with Nature...

I love windows and doors, so spots like this always catch my eye...

Ok that is the roundup for this week. Be back with more soon.

I want to thank everyone that visits, comments, Likes, +1s etc - I really appreciate it so much! I am going to be offline more than normal for a while, though I hope to manage to post my daily shots. Travel will be consuming my time, but I hope to return with LOTS of pics from some cool, interesting and NEW places!