Wandering in the Madrid airport

I just love the airport in Madrid. I mean I really love it.  Look at this place - it's an architectural wonderland! 

Last time I was there I had ~2 hours until my connecting flight...so I wandered, and wandered, and then wandered some more.  It was incredible.  Did I mention that I love this place?  

I decided to go ahead and post these handheld HDR's because I have been thinking about this airport a lot lately.  I will be passing through here again really soon so I am looking forward to more bracket-firing there!

And yes I realize these shots are very busy, with lots of angles and things going this way and that - but I just love this place and wanted to share, even if it looks like a mess.  :)

I will surely get some more beauties to share - plus I still have many more from last time!  Thanks for stopping by today - I sure do appreciate it!