North Texas torrent

Have you used the app Zite?  It's my current favorite.  I look at it daily on my iPad.  It's essentially a news app (a personalized magazine, really) - sort of like Flipboard - but it learns what you like and gets "smarter" over time.  Oh, and it's free!  Click here for the iTunes link.

Daily Photo - North Texas torrent

I usually like to mix things up a bit by varying my photos - which is to say, I usually don't post back-to-back shots from the same town.  But today I just could not resist.  Yesterday I posted a shot from Fort Worth, TX and when I was in my Aperture library I came across lots of brackets I shot over at the Fort Worth Water Gardens.  For this shot, I was standing down at the bottom of the Water Garden, looking up at one of the numerous waterfalls.  Initially I processed this as an HDR, but eventually decided that I just preferred this single exposure, which was about 1/15 of a second.