iPhone fun on a trail run

I used to run on trails all the time, but somehow got away from it.  I am trying to get back into it, for a lot of reasons.  One reason is the obvious health benefits of exercise, but another is that being out in the woods is restorative for me in a number of ways.  Plus, I get to bring along the iPhone so I get in a little photo work too!

Yay, I'm being productive!  :)

Bull Creek here in Austin is a great little trail and has the added benefit of being close to the house.  This Spring has been productive for us in terms of rain, so I am doubly happy to have waterfalls and a full creek running through the area now.  It's usually gone by summer, so this is the time to enjoy it!

Here's a collection of iPhone shots from my recent visits to the Bull Creek Greenbelt here in Austin...and in posting these I discovered that I shoot with my iPhone in portrait mode more than landscape mode - interesting!  That's the complete opposite of my Nikon.


Thanks for stopping by and hope you like my iPhone shots this week!