Walking The Strip part I

I spent one morning in Las Vegas just shooting random stuff.  Often I go out with tripod in hand, armed and ready for a monster-sized bracket hunt.  I did that on my first morning out in Las Vegas.  Other times though, I like the casual randomness of this and that, a single frame at a time.  Here's some single frame bits of randomness from Las Vegas!

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I have lots of little shots like these from all my travels.  I am thinking about sharing them here, as it sort of fills in the little spaces between my full-on HDR shots.  I feel like I am weaving a fabric here - sort of a never-ending tale - and it isn't complete without these little bits.  Does that make any sense?  Do you want to see this stuff?

I just love taking pictures of signs of all sorts.  Big, small, bright neon, dull and dilapidated - you name it and I like it.  Well as you can imagine, there is quite a bit of signage to shoot in Las Vegas - it's like some sort of mecca for sign shooters.  

This pattern just really caught my eye!

Here's the Sphinx standing guard at Luxor:

Well that's it for today.  I have plenty more stuff to share, so please visit again!  Thanks so much!!