The Guinness Brewery waterfall

If you ever go to Dublin, Ireland - be sure and set aside a few hours for the Guinness Brewery tour.  You will not be disappointed!  They make beer - what else could you want? (and it is darn tasty!)  Plus, if you are a photographer they let you wander aimlessly everywhere, with a tripod.  It's like some sort of heaven!

It was a Sunday morning in Dublin, and I had been out shooting for a while.  Rain started to fall, so I used that as an excuse to zip over to the Guinness Brewery and spend some quality time there. I must tell you - the Guinness Brewery tour is quite fun!  Their old warehouse/brewery has been converted to an incredible museum which covers the history of the Guinness brand, plus you get a few samples along the way, and you finish on the top floor with a panoramic view of Dublin, and a tall glass of Guinness! Perfection!

One of the first things you see is this incredible waterfall - and yes, it is inside.  They talk about how the water used in brewing Guinness is of the highest quality, and comes from County Wicklow: just south of Dublin, and known as the "Garden County" of Ireland.  Supposed to be a beautiful place - sure tastes like it!

This was my first view of the waterfall.  I had to wait out a few tourists, but it was worth it to get a clean shot!

Here's a close up of the waterfall - and yes those are coins that folks toss in.

And after shooting the front, of course I wandered around to the back and got another shot.  Isn't this place awesome?  And - this is only the first floor!  Lots more to explore (but on future posts)!

One thing that I particularly enjoyed on this tour was the vintage Guinness posters that were displayed in lots of places.  I have always thought they were cool looking, so I grabbed a couple of images from the web in case you are not familiar with them.  Bottom line - Guiness is Good for YOU!!  (thirsty yet?)