iPhone fun in the Texas hill country

I shoot a lot with my iPhone, and I enjoy it.  It's fun, convenient, and since I don't take it really seriously, it allows me a bit more whimsy and creative license, especially in post processing.  If you weren't aware, I have my list of favorite apps as well as some app reviews (such as Camera+ and also Snapseed) on the left of the blog here.  At one point (well, twice actually) I have started an iPhoneography blog here on the site, but both times I have killed it.  Honestly, I don't have the time to post photos to TWO blogs every day - this one is plenty for me!  So while I will keep my iPhoneography section with the reviews etc (and I will definitely keep shooting, processing, and sharing my iPhone shots), I don't plan to have a full-on iPhoneography blog.  Instead I will sprinkle in some iPhone photo posts onto this blog now and then - that cool with everyone?  Ok, thanks!

Having gotten that off my chest, here's a collection of iPhone shots I took last week while I was away with the family.  I took the week off from work and we spent time up in the Texas hill country, just hanging out and having a good time.  Here it goes, in no particular order... 

This was shot from the porch of the house we rented...a nice place tucked away in some hills, outside of Fredericksburg.  We had great views and lovely clouds all week.  Even saw a few deer out front, and there were two cats that begged me for food daily.  It was awesome.

Here is a barn...in case you couldn't figure that out!  I love barns!  Maybe I was a cow in a previous life...

Sunset one night from the porch...it was a gorgeous evening! 

I headed over to Luckenbach, TX one morning to shoot.  It's a great little town (and I mean really little) and it's famous for hosting some of the best known country musicians around: Jerry Jeff Walker, Waylon Jennings and none other than Austin local and full-on legend Willie Nelson.  This is the Post Office/General Store sort of place - I took a million HDRs here that morning!

On our last day there, we hiked up Enchanted Rock (I posted a shot from the top a few days back).  It is a 400+ foot high massive granite rock that offers commanding views from the top.  Sadly, this actually isn't Enchanted Rock - it is out of frame to the left.  This is another peak nearby but I loved the scene, so...snap!

All in all it was a great week.  Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy my iPhone shots!