Hill country bluebonnets

Springtime in Central Texas - particularly the Hill Country - is highly anticipated, and usually worth the wait.  We get some rain, which we are always in need of, and of course we get our bluebonnets (that is, unless there was no rain, like last year).  We are off to a fine start this year, as the bluebonnets are popping up all around and thus we are all a little happier it seems.  This particular spot is one that I really enjoyed shooting, though truth be told I took this shot 2 years ago, which was (quite obviously) also a great year for the bluebonnets.  I just haven't had a chance to get out much yet this year.  I need to hurry up though, because while our little blue friends pop up almost overnight, their retreat seems equally rapid.  One day you will just notice that they are gone.  It's like the floral version of Keyser Soze.