Windswept tree at Enchanted Rock

Thanks so much to everyone who visited and commented here last week - I really appreciate it and will catch up soon!

Last week was Spring Break here in Central Texas, so the family decided to take the week off and head up to Fredericksburg, which is an awesome little town up in the Texas hill country, about 1.5 hours from Austin.  We mostly hung out and relaxed but I did get a couple of opportunities to go out and shoot.  One afternoon we decided to hike up Enchanted Rock, which is a massive pink granite boulder nearby, and which rises over 425 feet.  It's quite a climb!  It's dome-shaped, so it's a hike instead of what you would call traditional rock-climbing.

This was shot on the back side of Enchanted Rock, but you can get a feel for the size and shape of Enchanted Rock from this photo.  I saw this lone tree sitting there, seemingly braving the elements for an eternity, and just had to shoot it.  This image makes two in a row in black and white, so I think I will return to color tomorrow!  I miss color already!  :)