Irish pub crawl

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Oh, how Dublin delights!  I really enjoyed visiting this wonderful Irish town.  And it felt like a town, not a city - which is something I appreciate whenever I go places.  So the truth is, although I did visit an Irish pub or two while there - isn't that a requirement?? - I didn't actually do an Irish pub crawl.  It was more like an Irish pub photo walk.  Besides, who does a pub crawl by themselves?  Plus, this was at 7 in the morning for goodness sake!

Whenever I think of what an Irish postcard should look like (ok, I probably don't spend a lot of time on that!), I usually think of a photo of an Irish pub.  It just seems to represent the place, you know?  I had to make sure and get plenty of shots of was the right thing to do.  :)

So I was pretty happy when I got into their Temple Bar district on this fine Sunday morning.  All the tourists were safely sleeping off their prior nights' activities, and I was happily gunning HDR brackets without a care in the world.