A Scottish church

I shot this in a little town called Drymen, which is about 15 miles from Glasgow, Scotland.  I was in the area for 1 night and headed out to shoot at Loch Lomond which is nearby.  En route, I passed this little church and just loved the look of the whole scene.  I thought it was beautiful.  So, I stopped.  I knew the Loch wasn’t going anywhere.

This scene felt very “small town-ish” to me, if that makes sense.  If you look all the way down the road you can see the various grave markers which are scattered on the lawn in front of the church.  I liked the long road leading you to the church, and the textures of the red brick posts with the patches of moss growing on them.

It had recently rained (this is Scotland, you know!) and I was happy to get a little tree reflection in that one puddle.  The barren trees and overcast skies added to the mood of the scene.  Thankfully the rain was over, so I shot away here for a bit before heading off in search of Loch Lomond...