Leadenhall both ways

This is Leadenhall Market in London.  Isn’t it fabulous??  I just loved this place.  When I was in London a while back, this was #1 on my list of places that I wanted to see (and shoot, of course).  I had seen pics online and was very intrigued.  I had to get there. 

So, I got up one morning, took a couple of rides on the Tube, and ended up somewhat nearby (as close as I could get on the Tube, that is).  I took a couple of wrong turns and walked down some streets in the wrong direction, but that was ok because I obviously found it.  It was worth the effort I spent getting there, and I got a little exercise in the process.  Plus I discovered my sense of direction is kind of screwed up.  :-)  

Leadenhall Market is a historic covered market in London, dating back hundreds of years.  I was just taken with the place.  I think I spent an hour or so photographing it from various angles, and it is not really that large.  I just find this sort of thing so interesting.  Be sure and put it on your list when you visit!  It’s well worth it!