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I wrote an eBook!

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by today.  I have just published my first eBook "My Favorite Travel Photos 2012" and wanted to make everyone aware.  This has been a fun and exciting process, and I am already working on another.  More on that later...

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Daily Photo: Back at Nyhavn - Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn is my favorite spot in Copenhagen.  It’s true I have only been to Copenhagen once, but I did spent 5 days there and photographed a considerable amount of the town.  All of it is beautiful, to be truthful.  I loved everything that I saw.  But I have to say that Nyhavn wins for me, partly due to the historic, colorful townhouses here and the boats docked just a few feet away.

I was there several times during my stay, and every time I walked away with photos that I am proud of and happy with.  Honestly, it’s hard to take a bad pic at a place like this!

I grabbed this one during my first visit there, which was on the evening that I arrived in town.  It had been rainy and overcast, but I brought my gear to dinner anyways, and boy am I thankful about that.  The skies turned colorful and sunset was pure awesomeness.