Out in the sticks

I enjoy shooting out in the country, though I rarely get the chance.  I live in a city, and when I travel it is always to another city for business.  I just don’t get “out in the sticks” very often.  But when I do, it’s a real joy to explore and photograph all the little stuff you can find there.  It’s very different than city shooting.

Take this photo for example.  I was driving along a back road outside a very small town in the Texas hill country.  It was sunrise – which is when I love to shoot the most – and I came across this little entrance to a farm.  Really, it’s nothing spectacular, and most people would drive by and not pay it a bit of attention.  But I love reflections and that big puddle there just called to me.  I guess it sort of reminded me of visits to my Grandfather’s farm when I was a kid.