Morning in the Ferry Building

As a follow up to yesterday’s post – where I mentioned that the Ferry Building is my favorite building in San Francisco – I thought I would share an inside view of the place.  It’s a very historic building, and serves as both a ferry terminal and a marketplace.  There are shops inside featuring lots of good food and drink and they even host a farmer’s market on weekends.  It’s all pretty fun and interesting. 

But as I tend to do in places like this, this one was shot around 7am.  I always like to get out and shoot early, especially when dealing with well-known landmarks or places that are normally busy.  It’s a real treat to get a place all to yourself (well almost, you can see a couple of folks way down the hall).  A few stores were open as they prep for the morning rush, but mostly I had it to myself, which was great.

I shoot here nearly every time I visit San Francisco.  Even though the view doesn’t change, I find the place just incredibly beautiful from an architectural standpoint.  So, expect more like this someday.