A ferry foggy morning

I was in San Francisco recently, and most people are aware that the city often gets blanketed in thick fog.  However, I have never experienced it despite having been there many times over the last few years.  But my recent trip was a bit different – I experienced quite a bit of fog, and found that it was great fun to shoot in.  It adds an interesting moody element to a shot.

One morning I got up and headed out to shoot along the Embarcadero and around the Ferry Building, which is my favorite building in the city (thus far, at least).  Since it is a ferry terminal, it sits on the water and the fog was literally *right there*.  It was pretty awesome, actually.

This is right behind the Ferry Building and is one of the ferry landing gates, or whatever you call them.  I loved the thick fog of course, as well as the orange lights and the reflections.