The Auld Dubliner

This is one of many shots I have taken while wandering in the Temple Bar district of Dublin, Ireland.  In many ways the area is a tourist trap, with lots of bars and restaurants, and shops selling souvenirs.  And since you can’t possibly wait out all the late night revelers in order to get a clear shot, the best alternative is to tuck in early enough at night so that you can get up before first light and explore it all alone the next morning.  So, that’s what I do there.  It sounds un-exciting, but really it’s pretty amazing to have a place as historic as this all to yourself.

I have had folks ask me if I get nervous walking around in places in the wee hours, but I really don’t.  I try and maintain a constant vigilance and attention to my surroundings, and of course I am wielding a tripod which could be used as a weapon!  Then again, carbon fiber doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of men.  :-)