San Miguel Mission

I used to not be a fan of adobe.  I thought it was boring and it felt too "southwest" to me, if that makes sense.  But, now that I have had several trips to Santa Fe, NM I find that my opinion of adobe structures is much higher.  They possess their own sort of beauty and are great to photograph.

This is the San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe, which is just a short stroll from the Plaza, which is their town square.  In all my previous visits, I had never come across this place.  So on my visit last summer, I found it on the map and headed out to photograph it.  Conveniently, it was only 2-3 minutes from my hotel.  That's nice when you are hauling 15 lbs of gear!

Usually I am not too keen on firing shots in the middle of a summer afternoon, since the light can be so harsh.  But out in New Mexico, there are usually beautiful skies and the clouds are just awesome, so I went for it.  :-)

By the way, this is known as the oldest church in the US, as it was built between 1610 and 1626.  Cool huh?