The Denver Performing Arts Complex

Here's another shot from my recent trip up to Denver, CO.  As I mentioned in this previous post, the weather kept us essentially inside that evening, and as such we ended up shooting at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

This space is a great one to shoot in, namely due to this incredible arched ceiling.  I love stuff like this, and was glad to have the chance to shoot here.  At one point early on there were a couple of security guards who told us we could shoot anywhere on the ground, but not up on the parking structure which gives this nice view you see here. 

Of course, we just waited for them to be out of sight, and Justin led us sneakily onto the elevators…and moments later we were up here.  Rick and Justin (both being locals) were kind enough to let me go shoot this spot first, since once we were in position to take this shot we would easily be seen by the security guards, and likely asked to leave.

So, I ran out to this spot, set up and fired away a few brackets quickly.  As I was wrapping my last set of shots, I saw the security guards walking along the ground way down below, but they never seemed to notice me.  It's nice when you get away with things like this.  :-)