Temple Bar cityscape

There's just so much cool stuff to see in Ireland, and I have never even made it outside of Dublin!  Whenever I am there, I find myself wandering the streets and alleys of the Temple Bar District, usually early in the morning.  It's a beautiful and interesting historic district, with cobblestone streets and cool architecture.  Plus, in the morning you can usually get empty streets since the tourists are still asleep.

In this case, I actually set up for the shot and was about to fire my brackets when all of a sudden, several people walked into my shot, from different directions!  I was thinking "where did these folks come from?" but after that small crowd made their way to wherever they were going, it was back to being just me, my Nikon, and the silence of an empty European street.

I also thought I would put together another HDR Before & After comparison on this shot.  HDR sure makes a HUGE difference here!  Thanks and let me know your thoughts.