Sunrise at Mar Hall

Mar Hall is a luxury resort situated on a wooded estate, just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.  I was there at the end of January this year for a customer event and formal dinner, which included me wearing a kilt.  It was pretty awesome actually. Despite my fears that the whole "Scottish national dress" event was a joke played on an unsuspecting American - and therefore being the only guy to show up in a skirt - it turned out that nearly all the attendees were "kilted".  So I fit right in.  Whew!

Anyways, the following morning I got up to explore the grounds at the crack of dawn, hoping for a few shots.  I was treated to this incredible sunrise, while I mushed around in the damp grass and trampled their lovely golf course greens.  But, it was in the name of art so I felt justified.

And if you are like me, then your obvious question is: where’s the pic of Jim in the kilt?  Well, here it is.  Goofy, huh?  (taken with my iPhone)