Winter at the OKC Memorial

I like shooting in winter, when the trees are empty and the sky is dark.  There is a certain moodiness in the air, and it is fun to try and capture that with my camera.  I attempted just that with this shot, which was taken in Oklahoma City, OK on my recent travels through that town.  I had the OKC Memorial nearly all to myself that afternoon - another benefit of shooting in the winter, which is that the tourists are mostly at home - and was able to wander carelessly about the grounds of this place.

When I originally looked at the brackets I took, I saw this image in sepia, but after going through the HDR process I also really liked the color, especially the gray/blue of the sky and how it plays against the yellow of the wintered earth.  I am a big color guy at heart and I find it hard to give that up.  But, the sepia just kept calling me, so I thought I would ride the fence and offer up both today.  Enjoy and thanks for looking!