Wandering at the Ritz

Thanks everyone for all the visits and comments this week, I really appreciate it!  I am a bit behind on returning the favors, and am preparing for a big trip wherein I hope to return with lots of photos.  More soon!

This is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Naples, FL.  Actually, there are two of them there.  Isn't that odd?  Two Ritz-Carlton Hotels in one not-so-big town, separated by just about 3 miles.  It's true.  There is one on the beach, and the other one (featured in this photo) is on a golf course.  I know because I went to the wrong one first, before making my way to this one.  Anyways, one morning while there I popped out for a stroll around the grounds, while carrying my Nikon of course!  Always make time for that!