It's raining in Glasgow

Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the kind words on my last couple of posts.  I really do appreciate it.  I am on the road this week with limited free time (that means no photo-taking!) and hope to catch up with everyone soon!  

I'm no weatherman, but I suspect it rains a bit in Glasgow, Scotland this time of year.  That's just a guess - I haven't even Googled it yet.  But, I am about to find out, as I will return to this beautiful place very soon (more on that later)!  I caught this HDR image in Royal Exchange Square, right behind their incredible building Gallery of Modern Art (you can find that shot here).  I had to wait for some folks to clear the scene, but thanks to the rain that didn't take long!  I love architecture, and Glasgow has it in spades.  It's great to just walk around there and fire off shots.  My hope is that I have sufficient time to do that on my upcoming trip - I'll let you know!