Stalking St. Paul's

Ah, London - what's not to like?  It really is a beautiful city with so much to shoot.  I can't imagine how I could ever shoot it all!  But of course, I will still try whenever I do get the opportunity to visit!  I still have tons of shots to get to from my previous two trips there this year! 

This is a view I got of St. Paul's Cathedral one day while I was walking around that area, prior to meeting Mike Murphy and John Esslinger for a photowalk.  I could see on the map that I was near the Cathedral, but being surrounded by buildings it was nearly impossible to tell exactly where it was.  It was then that I encountered a passageway between some buildings, and caught this view.  I immediately stopped in my tracks so I could get the shot.  Sorry everyone for blocking your way for a minute - but I gotta shoot this!!!