The Indiana Statehouse

Indianapolis is a great town - though I jokingly refer to it as India-no-place - and I was really excited about my visit there.  I lived there as a young professional, back in the late 90's, and always thought it was a nice town.  It has a compact but vibrant downtown, and of course having seen many sites there before, when I arrived I knew that I would be a-clicking.  This is the ground floor interior of their State Capitol, known as the Indiana Statehouse.  It's not very large, but it's incredibly beautiful.  (Note my bias - our Capitol building in Austin is monstrous.  Sorry, can't help it - proud Texan writing this post.)  Anyways, I was given free rein there to run around and HDR the place like crazy - which I gladly did!  If you get to Indy, check it out!  It's right in the middle of downtown - can't miss it!  Thanks for stopping by!