Desolation at every turn

I had the good fortune of going to Philadelphia, PA last week for a quick 20 hour stay.  Seriously, I was there about 20 hours.  The good news is that I got to see rain again for the first time in months (it has been incredibly dry in Austin), and the better news is that I had about 1 hour to shoot after my late afternoon arrival.  So, where do you spend an hour in Philly with a camera?  How about an abandoned prison?  

I had read about and seen various pictures from Eastern State Penitentiary, which is basically in downtown Philly.  It's a pretty incredible place.  It's also an HDR heaven.  The crumbling walls, abandoned and empty cells, rust and grime everywhere - it just screams HDR.  So, I HDR'd about everything I saw, which was great fun!

This is one of the hallways, leading to some abandoned cell block.  It was a pretty bleak scene there, but I was shooting HDR's so I was zipping around and having a great time!  If you are ever nearby, be sure and check this place out!