An eye for the abstract

I feel like you have to really think differently to come up with good abstract shots.  It's that out of box thinking that is hard to do though, at least for me.  There is so much "do this, do that" in everyday life that sometimes it's really hard to get creative and abstract.  Plus, how do you train yourself?  It's something I am continually working on, because how do you know you really ever get it?  It's sort of an interesting cycle of same-ness we get stuck in, and it's hard to break out of it.

This is a somewhat abstract shot of the London Eye in - of all places! - London.  I think that a really good abstract photo makes you see something in a new light, and is even hard to recognize.  This isn't one of those LOL!  It's just a random, odd view of a very recognizable structure (that is at least if you have seen it live).  But, I keep trying to push myself to grow and part of that is trying new views on old subjects.  So, just keep clickin' I guess and don't be afraid to change it up!

I also wanted to thank everyone for the visits and comments last week, I really appreciate it!  I was on the road at the end of the week, and am just trying to dig myself out of the pile, so to speak.  However, while away I did hammer out a bunch of HDR's, so look for some new spots coming soon!