Seattle by Ferry

Pike Place Market, two mountain ranges, nearby islands, natural beauty, the Pacific Ocean, a great art community, cooler weather - what's not to like about Seattle??

Seattle is a great town - I’m a big fan.  I have been there twice this year, and considering how dang hot it is in Austin, I am ready for another trip!  I got this shot on my most recent trip up there.  We took a ferry up to the San Juan Islands over a weekend, and this was my view on Sunday evening as I was returning to Seattle.  It was cool and windy up there on top of the boat, but hey who minds that when you are snapping away?  In case you are curious, the Space Needle is not in the shot, because it is out of frame to the left.  I went for a tighter shot in this case, partly because I just love those clouds up there!  Thanks for stopping by!