Horsin' around

The title of this shot is really a double entendre.  What I mean is that although this is quite obviously a horse, the deeper meaning is that I am "horsin' around" photographically because this is not my typical photographic subject.  Apart from never coming across horses, in the past I would not normally shoot one.  I am making a conscious effort to grow my skills, and in doing so that means stretching myself to shoot some different things.  Growth is the only option - without it, you stagnate and wither.

Ok, enough of that talk for now.  We went on a horseback ride up in Red River, New Mexico a few weeks ago, and this handsome steed (stallion? or maybe it was a girl...?) was just standing there, looking cool and calm like a horse does.  So...snap.  I did know one thing - always focus on the eye!