Toying with a Carmel sunset

Sunset is such a great time to go shoot, especially for the clouds.  Doesn't it seem like there are better clouds at sunset than at sunrise?  It does to me, but I am not sure why.  There is probably some easy explanation for it, so if anyone knows feel free to share in the comments.

Anyways, this was an incredible sunset that I witnessed (and photographed!) while in Carmel, CA.  We had a little family picnic on the beach and watched the waves crash, and watched the surfers crash, and saw the moon rise behind us.  But, the best part was this incredible sunset.  The light was fabulous, but the clouds were the real star of the show.

I adjusted this one only with Aperture, using one of their presets called "Toy Camera".  I thought it created an interesting look to the photo.  Hope you like it, and thanks for stopping by!