Sunrise in Corpus Christi

I do love to shoot early in the morning, though I admit it is sometimes hard to get rolling when it's still dark outside.  Usually, I grab a bottle of water and an energy bar of some sort, shoot like crazy and have a heck of a good time, then reward myself with a huge black tea at Starbucks when it's all over and the light is bright.  I love English Breakfast tea!  I am a tea guy - no coffee for me.  I love the smell of coffee, but have not developed a taste for it.

Anyways, I assume you came here to see a photo, not get insight into my morning drinking habits.  So, this is from my recent trip down to the Texas coast.  We stayed in Corpus Christi and on the last morning, I got up pretty early to get out and see if I could grab some sunrise shots.  I was hoping for some dramatic cloud action, but they were tame and distant that morning, so I had to just enjoy the beautiful colors the sky was producing - which ain't a bad deal really!