Scottish rails

I just dig train stations - seriously dig them.  Oddly, I had no idea about this little love of mine until I really got into photography.  So, this photo stuff is good for us, right?  It opens us up to a better version of ourselves - higher awareness, a better eye for beauty in all its forms, and an appreciation of even the smallest details in life.  That's all good...right?

This is inside Central Station in Glasgow, Scotland.  Rule number 1: get up early on a Sunday morning to go shoot in a busy foreign town.  Tourists are always still asleep, and you can enjoy things like this all to yourself.  And believe me, you want stuff like this all to yourself.  Heck, even the guards working there just let me walk all over the place shooting, up and down the platforms, just about everywhere except on the trains.  It was an awesome start to a day full of camera clicks.  Thanks for stopping by today!