A Spanish painter

I would like to be a good painter, though I don't invest any time in it.  My free time goes to photography, but I have a feeling that other creative endeavors would lead to improvements with the camera, too.  I do admire those that pursue painting as an art form, and have visible skills in it.  I guess that is one reason I enjoy going to museums - it's inspiring for me to see how others have been inspired, and what they were inspired to produce.  

This image was taken in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain while I was there earlier this year.  I arrived at the Plaza and walked around for a while, taking in all the beautiful architecture and dodging tourists.  It's a hectic place, but all town squares tend to be so.

There was an older gentleman there, and he was working on this painting.  Despite all the noise and activity around him, he was in the zone - totally focused on his painting.  It was cool to watch.  He would just stare at it for a second, then sorta slice off some of this thick paint and smear it where it needed to go.  It was interesting to watch - sorta like watching a skilled athlete while they perform whatever it is they are good at.   I was happy to be the tourist and watch a skilled craftsman at work.