Seattle stuff

Ok, back to Seattle.  I was up there recently, and absolutely love that town.  One afternoon we ventured over to the Space Needle in order to do the tourist thing, and afterwards I just had to wander around and try to find an alternative view of it to share with all my visitors here on the blog.  Last time I was there, back in April, I came up with what I consider an interesting view, which you can see here

Today's post is from a couple of weeks back.  That is the Experience Music Project on the left, with the Space Needle there poking out of the right side of the shot.   Please let me know your thoughts - which one do you like better, and why?  I dare ya to leave a comment!  (haha, there's a big challenge, huh?)


On a personal note, we spent the last 5 days down in Corpus Christi, Texas enjoying a little beach time.  I actually was offline for most of those 5 days, and it felt great (except that I feel way behind).  I witnessed a beautiful sunset last night (and yes, I have pictures to prove it!) and I got up early today and went out capturing quite a bit of the place in HDR.  A last-minute work trip came up the other day, so I am grabbing a plane ride in the morning to Chicago, but the Nikon will remain at home as there is just no time for it, and I travel as light as possible as a rule. 

So I wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to visit my site each day - I really appreciate it.  And to those of you who also take the time to leave a comment, another heartfelt thank you.  I will be visiting your sites soon and look forward to catching up with all the incredible photo work you do!  Have a wonderful day everyone!