EPCOT's Morocco Pavilion

Guest Post Today on Phogropathy 

Recently I was contacted by John Davenport, who runs a photo blog called Phogropathy, and he asked me to contribute a guest post for this week.  Of course I agreed and so please head on over there to read my little post (ok, it’s a little lengthy but I got carried away!), sprinkled with some of my musings as well as images from my travels.  I hope I don’t bore you.  Anyways, John is a great guy and loves to share his daily images there on his blog - check them out!  He is on a vacation in Florida this week, and having just returned from there recently myself, we traded emails about EPCOT and how great a spot it is to shoot.  So, in honor of that I wanted to post an EPCOT shot today...and I hope he gets some cool shots there!  Have fun John!

So...here’s another shot from my recent visit to EPCOT at Disney in Orlando, FL.  The World Showcase there is a great spot for taking all kinds of interesting shots.  I literally wandered there for several hours, snapping all sorts of things.  My previous visit there was about 2 years ago, just as I was developing my photographic skills, and as a result most of my shots were just not too good.  In other words, I was happy to return there and get all the shots I didn’t get last time!  This is the Morocco Pavilion, and though I have never been to Morocco, they seem to do a good job of giving the experience of being there!