Adobe dreamin'

It’s funny how your photographic eye changes over time - not to mention how you process images. I have gone thru several different “styles” over time, but I guess really what is happening is that my skills and my eye for a shot are developing a wider range.  I no longer have just “one way” that I do things, either in the field or at the keyboard.  Now I have options.  

This shot from my recent visit to Santa Fe is a prime example.  My last visit there was two years ago, and I returned with absolutely zero shots like this.  Yes, it’s a pretty simple shot - and it’s not earth shattering or anything - but I never would have thought to shoot something like this before, much less to give it the sort of dreamy, hazy processing that it has.  Nonetheless, I like it - and I hope you do too!  Here’s to change and growth, my friends!  Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!

I am off to Seattle and the San Juan Islands today, so I hope to return with a few shots from there!  It's such a gorgeous part of the country and I am looking forward to this return visit.  More soon!