Cafe du Monde, painted

I have been messing around with the painterly effects in Topaz Adjust - if I recall correctly, the setting is called Painterly - Venice, or something like that.  Anyways, it's a lot of fun.  This is the famous Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, LA.  This is an older photo that I took about 2 years ago while visiting that wonderful town.  If you want to see the original version, you can find that here.  I don't often go back into the archives to reprocess shots - and not sure you can classify this as a reprocessing since I was going for a different look altogether - but once I started playing with the painterly effects, for some reason this old shot just popped into my mind and wouldn't leave me be until I created this version.  So, here it is, and now I can move on to something else!

Also, I absolutely hammered it in Santa Fe today, taking all sorts of shots and witnessed a fabulous sunset to boot.  Here's an iPhone shot of the St. Francis Cathedral that I took just a bit earlier tonight: