Boiling clouds

This is the second image I have posted that was taken from behind Pike Place Market in Seattle, looking out at this lovely range of mountains in the distance.  This one is remarkably similar to this shot, mostly because they were taken mere seconds apart from the same spot.  I fired off a lot of shots within a matter of minutes, because it was incredibly beautiful and the clouds were literally boiling and churning, and changing by the second.  It was incredible.  I am posting this because I just confirmed a return trip to the lovely Emerald City in a few weeks, and will have a bit more time to shoot on this upcoming trip.  I hope to get some cool shots!  There is so much to shoot up there, and I can never get it all, but I can sure try!

Also, today was an awesome day in New Mexico.  We left the northern mountains and headed out to Ojo Caliente, where we sat in their hot mineral springs, where you can literally feel the stress melt away.  It was excellent, and definitely rejuvenating!  We followed that up with a visit to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu where Georgia O'Keefe once spent her time painting - below is an iPhone shot from there.  Talk about inspiring landscapes - I was shooting left and right.  I can certainly see how that place got her fired up to create.  We landed in Santa Fe, from where I am typing this.  Exploring Santa Fe tomorrow - a town I love.  More soon!