Sunset at Big Ben

Wonderful Sunset at Big Ben!  We had great clouds that night my friends!!  (oh yeah, Warning: this is a long post so grab a cup of coffee or something - assuming you have read this far LOL!  But hey, I am posting 3 photos so I am trying to make it worth your time!).

I have been holding on to this picture for a couple of weeks.  Do you get like that with shots you just want to hold on to them, and protect them, and keep them to yourself?  You take the time to get the shot right in the field, you process it with loving attention, it comes out looking awesome, and it's your little baby, right?  Sometimes I get like that, although sharing my photography and interacting with everyone out there in the blogosphere is one of my favorite things to do...and the point really is to share anyways, not hoard.  So, I don't hoard.  Don't be a hoarder, that's just a good rule right? 

Well anyways, here it favorite shot from London.  Some folks may not like this, and that is totally cool, but man I just really dig this one.  I was photo-walking around London with 2 awesome locals, Mike Murphy and John Esslinger, and man I was just loving it.  They are awesome photographers, and just plain awesome dudes, and even if I didn't take a single pic, that night would have been a huge success in my book.  We wandered around a lot of spots, some of which I have previously posted about, and many more which I have yet to share, but all along the intent was to end up in this spot, shooting HDRs at sunset.  We all hoped for something decent in the sky, and we got it.  It was beautiful.

John was kind enough to also take this shot of me, while I was cranking out many, many exposures of this wonderful scene, so here's me that night (thanks John!!):

And while I am in the sharing mood, here is an iPhone shot I took today while on a horseback ride on a 1000 acre private ranch in New Mexico - you know, just another regular old day, nothing special.  :)  Hehe, it was pretty amazing, and amazingly not very expensive.  I got a bunch of shots out there today, so more on that little adventure later.  We were 9000 feet up in the mountains, the weather was cool, and my horse was named Cherokee.  I (obviously) made some adjustments, using Camera+ which is a hugely awesome app!!  Hope everyone is having a great day!