Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Glasgow has some AMAZING architecture.  I heard that from several folks before I went there, and boy were they right!  You can just be walking down the street and BAM! you run into something awesome like this.  This is the Gallery of Modern Art, which is housed in a neoclassical building right in the heart of downtown.  I was out after dinner, taking in the beautiful (and lengthy!!) blue hour there, and stumbled across this wonderful structure.  It was originally a townhouse for one of the wealthy tobacco lords that lived in Glasgow, but is now a gallery housing lots of different forms of modern art.  I went inside a day later, found a great shot to take, and as I was setting up for it the camera police told me "no photos inside".  Really?  What's the harm?  Is my camera going to steal the soul of that sculpture which no one can figure out?  Anyways, I didn't start a fuss but I didn't donate to them either!

On a completely unrelated note (except that it's about photography, so I guess that is actually pretty closely related!) I am enjoying my vacation in New Mexico and the cooler weather is great!  Here's an iPhone shot I took earlier today while I was out snapping HDRs, signs, and landscapes - my holy trinity!