Eye on the sunset

Here's another shot from my recent photo walk around London with Mike Murphy and John Esslinger.  We were cruising down the edge of the Thames, planning to catch the sunset at Big Ben and Westminster Bridge (which we did - pictures coming soon).  En route we passed by the London Eye, which sits really close to Big Ben.  As you can see there was some awesome color and clouds in the sky, and I was reeling off a lot of shots as we wandered.  I saw this person in one of the pods on the Eye, aiming her camera out to capture the sunset, and just had to get this shot.  So, the title is a little playful but it's all I got right at this moment.  :)

As I mentioned in my last post, my family is on a little vacation up in the mountains of New Mexico, so of course I am grabbing a lot of shots, but I am not online too much so I appreciate the visits and will catch up when I can!