The Tower Bridge

Today's photo is from London, but I am guessing you already figured that out right?  I arrived into London on Tuesday last week - late in the day - and was hurrying to get down to the Tower Bridge for some shots that evening.  I did not make it there on my previous London visit in April due to lack of time, and really wanted to shoot it.  I just love bridges, and this one is pretty compelling in my opinion.  So, after a plane ride from Glasgow, an express train from Heathrow to London, a tube ride over to my hotel, and another tube ride back down to this area, I was all set!  (the lengths we go to for photography!)  As expected, there were a lot of other photogs there doing their thing, so I got to hang out with random photo-tourist types, geek out about photography, and enjoy a quiet sunset at a famous bridge.  A pretty good night in my book!!