Departing from Platform 1

I love traveling on trains in Europe.  There is something about it that I just really like, though I can’t quite put my finger on it - well, apart from the fact that I love to travel!  I have also discovered that I love shooting trains and especially train stations - they are photographically rich environments. This is inside Central Station in Glasgow, Scotland.  I arrived on Saturday mid-day, so on Sunday morning I made sure to get over there quickly, hoping to catch it fairly empty - and I did.  I wandered in this station for quite a while, getting a bunch of shots, though I actually never took a train from there. 

Linking back to yesterday’s post with another Harry Potter reference for a second - while I was there, seeing Platform 1 and Platform 2, etc...I kept thinking about Harry and his friends departing from Platform 9 and 3/4 (although they were doing that from London).  I never did find a magic portal in any station, dang it.  I guess I better go back.  Which reminds me, please tune in tomorrow for my first shot from my recent London adventure!