Going nowhere

By the time anyone is reading this, it is likely that I will be 35,000 feet over the Atlantic, heading back home to Austin.  It's been a great week over in the UK.  I got some important things done for work, and of course in my free time I  took a few pictures.  Well, more than a few.  I am returning with over 700 shots from Glasgow, and somewhere north of 1100 from London.  I'll be working through those as soon as I can, and will be back online again next week.  I hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend.  Thanks so much for the visits and comments this week.

As for the photo, I came across this large, empty warehouse along the waterfront in Montreal, Canada.  I really liked the look of these stairs, so after shooting them I climbed them of course, because you have to see where they lead, right?  Well, there was a locked door up there, so they went nowhere.  I, on the other hand, am going home, which is great for me!  To answer the obvious question - yes I did go into the warehouse through that large open bay!