Red Eye

I shot this in London on my last trip there, which was back in April.  I was walking across the main bridge there over the River Thames, right past Big Ben and all that architectural goodness.  I saw the London Eye spinning (slowly) across the river, and took a few snaps of it.  The red carriage caught my eye and really stood out to me, hence the title of this shot.

There’s also an alternate meaning to the title however.  I am heading back over to the UK and will be on an overnight flight, commonly called a red eye.  With my typical inability to sleep on planes, it should make for some real red eye in my case!  However, I am not going direct to London - I head to Glasgow first for a few days, then on to cheery old London town for a few more.  I am really looking forward to my first visit to Scotland!  It should be a great trip, and I get the added benefit of listening to my favorite accent!  I’ll be posting pre-processed shots from the road, and probably sharing some iPhone goodness while I am away.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find my iPhone shots here: 

As I mentioned above, I will be posting daily, but I will definitely be falling behind seeing everyone’s work.  So, thanks for stopping by and I will catch up with you as soon as I can.  Have a great day!