The Chinese Temple at EPCOT

Ok, another shot from EPCOT.  Sorry, but I just can’t help myself.  When I return from a trip with fresh material, it consumes me.  I just want to share.  The problem of course is that with all my travel, I still have a TON of “new stuff” to get to.  And, I have another trip coming soon, really soon.  Where do you find the time, huh?

Well, this is the Chinese area of EPCOT in Orlando, FL.  I haven’t been to China yet, so I cannot confirm or deny its accuracy, but it sure is interesting to photograph.  I took shots of this temple (is that what you call it??) from several different angles, but wanted to start by sharing this one.  The colors are intense and it is a beautiful structure.  Oh, and yes, I had to wait for a bit to get clear shots without people in it!  You know what they say - the waiting is the hardest part...(I know that song is now stuck in your head!).