Fredericksburg, Texas is a nice little German town that sits about an hour and a half west of Austin, up in what we refer to as the Texas hill country.  Yes, we do have hills in Texas.  It’s not all tumbleweeds blowing across flat plains -though we have that too!  Anyways, we make a few visits a year up to “The Fred”, as we affectionately call this town, and I caught this HDR image up there early one Sunday morning.  The main street is a tourist haven, which is a nice way of saying it gets crowded as hell, so any good clean HDRs there have to be early (or late, I guess - but I prefer early morning).  

I like the look of this art gallery (I love red doors), and the name of it got me thinking about all of us as photographers.  We too are all artisans in one way or another, creating photos instead of hand crafted goods, but with equal dedication to the craft.  I think of photography as an art, and with all the digital tools at our disposal we can experiment with our artistic vision to create something of equally compelling utility and importance as any “traditional” artisan, right?