A Seattle abstract

I love Seattle - it’s such a beautiful city!  I hear it rains there sometimes though. :)

I was there recently on business, and one afternoon I had just a short window of time prior to a dinner engagement, so I thought I would run over to the Space Needle and get some shots.  I had been there before (a couple of times) but never had much in the way of a publish-able shot, so that was my goal.  I also wanted something slightly different, as opposed to a straight-up shot of the Space Needle rising into the sky.  As I was walking towards it, I first had to pass the Experience Music Project building, which is way cool.  It’s an architectural masterpiece designed by Frank Gehry, so you know it has to be cool.  Anyways, as I was approaching I liked how this view gives you just a slice of each structure, in sort of an abstract way.  I took several versions of this, but this one came out best.  I have plenty more of the Experience Music Project building and will get to them when I can.  Thanks for looking!